​Incriminating footage of Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend was ​leaked yesterday, and more and more has been coming out at a rapid pace since. 

NBA star Tristan Thompson was spotted in New York City this weekend seemingly kissing a mystery woman.

We had our suspicions whether or not the hooded figure was really Tristan, although he was photographed wearing the same outfit. We were just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt! Well, then more was leaked.

Videos and photos were posted online of Tristan and the same girl entering a hotel this past weekend.

And of course, thanks to the Internet, the woman was identified pretty fast. ​Reportedly, her name is Lani Blair, and she's an Instagram model.

It's hard not to notice the resemblance between Lani and Tristan's ex-baby Mama, Jordan 

Craig, making this scandal all the more upsetting.

And what was leaked next is way worse than anything before. A user by the name of "Stephanie" has taken to Instagram to share extremely NSFW proof of her relations with Tristan. Her Instagram has reportedly been taken down due to the explicit content, but of course it's all been screenshotted. Here are some of the... Highlights.

And to make matters EVEN worse... There's a sex tape. Head to Twitter for all the footage ​here, and beware: It is extremely NSFW. 

Neither Khloé or Tristan have spoke out on the leaks, but at this point, there's no way they can just ignore it all. KoKo is of course due to give birth at any moment, which gives a heartbreaking twist to this already terrible infidelity.