With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, we're shamefully looking for any spoilers we can get for the upcoming film. We just can't help it! And thanks to Tom Holland, who is ​known to accidentally let things slip, we just got a new detail.

The Spider-Man actor was being interviewed on Good Morning America when he ​revealed he and Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, only just met in London the night before. This seems to indicate Spider-Man and Loki do not have any scenes together in the film.

However, his confession doesn't exactly guarantee the two characters won't have any scenes together. Just because they didn't film side by side, doesn't mean digital editing won't put them together. Holland has previously spoken about working with stand-ins in motion capture suits for the film, so maybe his stand-ins have met Hiddleston!

It was also recently ​reported the cast is not allowed to see the completed film until its release. This means Holland wouldn't even be able to tell us he didn't have any scenes with Hiddleston, even if he wanted to.

Tom Holland

While it's certainly possible Spider-Man and Loki won't meet based on the story and trailers we've gotten so far, there's no way to know for sure. That is, not until the movie is released on April 27. We can't wait to see some of our favorite superheroes come together!