​Not like we expected much different, but Kylie Jenner's body is looking absolutely insane just two months after giving birth. In a ​tweet that has since been deleted, the 20 year old revealed she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, so how did she lose it and get back to her incredible shape? We've got the scoop.

According to ​The Sun, the makeup mogul is on a strict diet, starting with a 1000-calorie a day rule. And the foods she's eating are lean and clean, such as "organic fish and chicken, nothing fried, no carbs."

She's also drinking fit tea, and from her Instagram page we know, is using a waist trainer frequently. 

As for workouts, Kylie is reportedly exercising with weights, practicing cardio, running, doing squats, and push-ups. She has a personal trainer she works with to make sure she's on track, much like her sisters.

Everything she's doing is clearly paying off, as we're seeing all over social media. Even if she wasn't back to her pre-baby body, however, she would still look absolutely amazing. But whatever makes her confident and happy!