Black Panther has accomplished many things in the two months it has been out in theaters. Now, there's something else to add to that list: It will become the movie to end Saudi Arabia’s 35-year cinema ban.

​​Alrighty, a little history lesson: In the 1980s, Saudi Arabia passed some extremely conservative religious measures ending movie theaters across the nation. Technically, The Emoji Movie was the first movie to break the ban, but there were actually no theaters made to screen it, resulting in a makeshift theater. In late 2017, the Saudi Ministry of Culture approved AMC to build 30 theaters across the country, and now, movies can return!

According to Complex, Disney's Middle East distribution partner, Italia Film, is working with Disney to release the film on April 18. 

Black Panther is already a global phenomenon, but with the introduction of a new market, it looks like the movie will yet again dominate! Wakanda Forever!