​Nicki Minaj fans were in total shock and excitement earlier this week when the rapper was ​spotted at LAX. The 35 year old looked gorgeous in an all black outfit and sleek shades, leaving us curious as to where she was going.

Well, we have the answer! Nicki was photographed in Paris yesterday, and new reports claim something huge is coming soon...

Photos leaked yesterday of the rapper out in France, wearing a black sleeveless graphic tank and grey ripped jeans. She completed the look with the same trendy shades and black detailed heels.

So what's she doing in Paris? Well, an insider, verified Twitter user Reid Chandler, has reason to believe he has the inside scoop. He tweeted yesterday, "Nicki Minaj recently shot a new music video and it's coming soon. You heard it here first."

Fans of course freaked out, and he tweeted again another detail, spilling, "Fine I’ll spill one more deet. There’s choreo. 💃🏻🕺🏼."

He has not revealed how he knows this information, but we'll take his word for it. There must be reason why Nicki has come out of hiding and has jetted out to Paris!

Although none of this info is confirmed just yet, there must be big things coming. We cannot wait.