Rihanna recently reached out to world leaders over twitter in an attempt to expand her philanthropic efforts.

Rihanna recently scheduled a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, in order to discuss her work as the Global Ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education.

Rihanna is now making a slight shift in her initiative to focus on young girls. She is providing scholarships to young women in Malawi. Her organization The Clara Lionel Foundation is teaming up with Ofo a bike sharing platform to also provide transportation to these girls. Currently, only 8% of students in Malawi complete secondary school and this is primarily due to the lack of transportation. Rihanna's partnership with Ofo is going to try to combat that statistic. 

It is always great to see people who have influence looking out for those less fortunate. We are excited to see what other philanthropic endeavors Rihanna has in store.