5 Superheroes Who Could Likely Replace Chris Evans' Captain America

Avengers: Infinity War could change the storyline for many of the superheroes portrayed in the film. We already know there will be a fourth Avengers, but we don't know exactly which characters will survive Infinity War and make it to the next. 

Captain America actor Chris Evans originally had his contract with Marvel say that after Infinity War, he would hand the shield over to someone else. However, Evans extended his contract so he could appear in the fourth film. 

"It made sense" to add Avengers 4, Evans said, because the fourth film will "wrap everything up." Avengers 4 is still a whole year away, but Evans is already preparing for a life without Captain America. He told The New York Times, "you want to get off the train before they push you off." 

Once his contract ends, who will be the next Captain America? Here are five of the possibilities.

5. Chris Evans Continues

This would be better news for fans who adore Chris Evans as Captain America. Having the original Marvel heroes' head men, Captain America and Iron Man, would keep the similarities for fans since there are also fresh new faces coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and soon Captain Marvel. Keeping Chris Evans as Captain America will help fans ease into, probably, a brand new MCU.

4. A New Actor

If Marvel decides to not go by the comics, then they’re going to have to recruit another actor to take on the USA-colored suit. It is going to be very strange not seeing Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, but the guy can’t take on the role forever. 

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has previously talked about what will happen when the Marvel stars reach their "inevitable" retirement, saying the studio will take an approach similar to that of the James Bond franchise.

3. Patriot

This character has yet to make an appearance in live-action films, but based on the comics he is a likely candidate. Elijah Bradley, a.k.a Patriot, is the descendant of Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah was an African-American soldier who underwent an experimental government process meant to recreate the same transformation that turned Steve Rogers into the super soldier. 

Elijah served as a member of the Young Avengers, a team comprised of the heroes’ teenage counterparts. Elijah claimed he received his super soldier abilities from a blood transfusion from his grandfather, however it was revealed he actually subjected himself to an illegal and dangerous substance known as Mutant Growth Hormone. 

Marvel is definitely going to need a live-action film out of Patriot if he is going to take on the role of Captain America, because there is a big story that needs to be told.

2. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie)

Also known as Falcon, he is Roger’s right hand man who has all the qualities needed to become Captain America. He’s loyal, courageous, and righteous. If Steve Rogers does end up gone, it is possible Wilson would want to avenge him by becoming Captain America. 

After all, Rogers did recruit him. Falcon became Captain America in the comics as well, by trading in his flying suit for the USA-inspired uniform and taking on the identity.

1. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)

Bucky is Captain’s best friend. They’ve been through a lot together, and needless to say it would make a lot more sense if Bucky was the one to take on the red, white, and blue. In the comics, Bucky does become the new Captain America after Steve Rogers is gunned down. Being a Winter Soldier and Roger’s best friend, he might follow Steve’s lead. He is also the fan-favorite to take on this role.