​Ever have trouble with math growing up in school? Yep, us too. Numbers can just be so confusing! Well, this dog seems like he's got it all down pat.


In this video by ​​Bernie Reyes, his tiny, adorable pup knows how to count and do basic math! Yes, we're serious.

This fluffy pupper watches his owner hold up signs with numbers on them, counting from one to five. Responding to the appropriate number held up, the pup barks that many times.


And if that isn't impressive enough, wait until the dog shows off how he can add, subject, multiply, divide, and even do the square root of a number! You can't make this stuff up. Check out the full video:

Impressed, aren't you? We can barely remember how to do the square root! As a reward for "answering" these equations correctly, the pup gets a yummy treat.

We really are stumped how this dog learned how to do this, but all we can say is: Don't doubt a dog's intelligence. What a good boy.