​Ah, the Henry Cavill mustache. How could anyone forget it? Or, rather, how could anyone forget it removed with CGI in Justice League? Yeah, ouch...

Due to legal obligations filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Cavill was unable to shave his mustache when he was called back in for extensive reshoots with the DC film. And we all know the backlash the film got for how poor the CGI looked on Cavill's upper lip.

The memes were never ending.

Well, Cavill knows how big of a deal his mustache was to the world, and has recorded a hilarious video of him finally saying goodbye by shaving it off completely.

"I know, it's hard to recognize me without King Stache," Cavill kids with a bare face, adding, "Sometimes, I have a hard time recognizing myself."

The video then goes to a montage of photos showing Cavill's mustache, with Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You" playing over it. And of course, one image of his CGI'd face is shown, again reminding us truly how badly it looked.


It is an end of an era. Goodbye, King Stache!