​We've all heard the rep​orts Kylie Jenner is an absolutely great mom to daughter Stormi, as well as her boyfriend Travis Scott being an equally as ​good father. But how strict are they really with their newborn?

According to ​Us Weekly, the parents are very overprotective of their baby girl, as Kylie is a total "germaphobe." If someone wants to meet Stormi, they must go to Kylie's house, because the parents are being sure to keep her "healthy and indoors."

Not only do people have to come to Stormi to meet her, Kylie reportedly has a very strict guest list with who even is allowed to see her.

Kylie and Travis are devoted to keeping Stormi safe and happy in her private home: A butterfly-themed nursery in Hidden Hills, California, which includes a $4,200 Vetro Lucite crib. Talk about living lavish!

We don't blame the new parents for having such strict rules for their little one. In fact, we'd be alarmed if they weren't acting this way! We're sure once Stormi is of age, we'll see her out in a stroller and soon enough even walking in public alongside her fam.

Stormi is lucky to be born into this loving family.