With all the anticipation we have for the Titans live-action series, we're desperately seeking as many clues as we can get regarding its details. And while sometimes it might just seem like fishing for rumors, this one really might be something.

The rumored episode titles for the upcoming DC series will include another Robin: Jason Todd.

Fan site Titans TV has revealed what the first seven episodes will be titled. So far, only one has been confirmed as the title for Episode 5, called The Doom Patrol. But, if the rest are confirmed as well, Jason Todd will be a major character without a doubt.

Here are the seven episode titles, according to the fan site.

#1.1 “Titans” (Pilot)

#1.2 “Hawk and Dove”

#1.3 “Starfire”

#1.4 “Rachel”

#1.5 “The Doom Patrol”

#1.6 “The Messenger”

#1.7 “Jason Todd”

In the comics, Jason Todd replaced Dick Grayson as Robin before he was killed off. Years later, he emerged as the Red Hood, a fan-favorite vigilante. This character has been included in various DC films, but never in a live-action version.

As we get more (rumored) information, the excitement is getting too real. Although we still don't have much info on the plot or characters for the series, at least things are coming out slowly but surely. The show is still scheduled for a ​2018 release, so we won't have to wait too long to know it all for sure!

Fingers crossed it's everything we're hoping for and more.