How far would you go for the greater good of dogs? The limit doesn't seem to exist for us humans, and for this one man, he really is going the extra mile to help those pups in need.

​Lucas, a scientist specializing in radiation, went to Chernobyl, Ukraine, with no expectation of finding dogs and falling in love with them. However, that's exactly what ended up happening.


After the ​Chernobyl disaster back in 1968, when a nuclear power plant exploded, thousands were forced to evacuate as quickly as possible. They left their dogs behind, and were told they would be able to come back to get them. They never were.

Now, over 250 radioactive stray dogs live around Chernobyl, without food, water, or any resources. It's illegal to rescue them, so they really have no way of being saved without major help. Lucas discovered this terrible problem, and has made it his mission to fix it.

He's recruited vets and volunteers to set up a clinic, where they wash the dogs to decontaminate them, vaccinate them, and sterilize them. Lucas is now looking to set up a spay and neuter campaign, so the dogs can stop reproducing. 


On top of this, he and his team are looking to work with the Ukrainian government to change their laws regarding rescuing the dogs. Lucas says he can't just leave them there, even after they've helped them.

By the looks of it, Lucas and his team are really helping out these dogs in desperate need of help. We're so grateful they're not being neglected any longer!