Superman is one of the most powerful comic book superheroes of all time. He's always in amazing physical condition, gains strength from the sun, and seemingly ages far, far slower than the rest of humanity. Yes, he's a superhero. But something we always wondered is if he's actually immortal?

Well, DC Comics has finally ​answered our age-long question, and it's in the 1,000th issue of the comic book Superman first ever was introduced in: Action Comics.

In a short story by Tom King, Clay Mann, Jordie Bellaire, and John Workman, called Of Tomorrow, Superman is said to be living billions of years in Earth's future, surviving until the end of Earth. So yes, he's immortal!

The first five pages have been posted on Twitter, showing Superman visiting the graves of Jonathan and Martha Kent, reminiscing on his life with Lois Lane and son Jonathan. Check it out:

Action Comics #1000 will be available on April 18, 2018!