​The internet has taken up arms yet again, after the release of ​Taylor Swift's new music video for the song Delicate. Fans and followers seem to have found a striking resemblance from Swift's video with an ad for the clothing brand Kenzo that came out in 2016. 


Some fans were more than thrilled after the release of the new video, but for others, it started quite the controversy. The ad fans are referring to is a commercial directed by Spike Jonze, which stars Margaret Qualley performing an interpretive dance in a fancy venue, while making silly faces. 

Take a look.

 Now, here is a look at Taylor's new music video for Delicate.

Obviously there are some similarities, but is it just coincidence? Twitter doesn't think so.

A lot of followers started calling Taylor's video the "poor man's version" of Spike Jonze's original ad. 

This person says there's a lack of originality here.

This one barely sees any differences.

Although there are very blatant similarities, it could very well just be a creative coincidence. Let us know what you think in the comments section!