​Lauren Cohan has spent the last seven years playing Maggie Greene on AMC's The Walking Dead, and now after seven seasons, she is telling the network "​show me the money." (Not literally, but pretty much).

Maggie's hardships have been well documented throughout the series, as she's had to face the losses of her father, sister, and husband since the outbreak, but it seems her life off the screen hasn't been such a walk in the park lately either. 

The 36-year-old actress is reportedly asking AMC for a salary increase for the upcoming ninth season of the series. Last month, Deadline reported Cohan was attempting to fight the gender-disparaged pay difference between her and her male co-stars, but The Hollywood Reporter has revealed this is not the case, as she is not asking the network to match her salary to her male counterparts who are “paid significantly more,” but simply to raise hers a bit. 

Some of Cohan's castmates have been supportive of the actress, including Khary Payton. Payton, who plays King Ezekiel. He took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the matter saying simply: "Pay the woman."

Cohan has been reportedly “locked in a months-long contract renegotiation with AMC.” Along with this, it is also worth noting the actress is not contractually obligated to return for the show's next season. The ball seems to be in AMC's court on whether or not they want to pay the actress or simply kill her character off.