Dogs are taking over people’s hearts, often calling them funny names like “good boi’s,” "doggos," and “puppers.” Well here's one very good boi: a corgi named Pax!

Pax took a trip to PetSmart on last weekend for a haircut and a picture was posted on Instagram to show how behaved he actually was. Just look at that face! So cute.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t pay attention to the happy pupper. Instead, they were focused on the size. Corgis are known for their voluminous back side and fluffy fur, so they seem on the big side. However, people went ham on the comments and fat-shamed Pax! 

“Wow, that is one OBESE dog!” one user commented.

“Just wanna add, he is super cute, but he's still overweight. I just feel bad for the little guy. I hope the owner puts him on a diet,” another user commented.

The owner couldn’t just watch people attack his beloved dog, so they went full force and shut down these comments.

“Actually, b----, the healthy weight for an adult male corgi is 25-30 lbs. and he weighs 26. Go troll on someone else’s page and find something better to do than hate on a precious dog that looks better than you ever will,” the owner said. 

Chrissy Teigen even joined in and liked a tweet:

There were other commenters who defended the dog as well. “Why is everyone fatshaming a dog, yall really got nothing better to do,” one wrote.

“Don’t let anyone bring you down you are so cute!!!!!” another commented.

Despite all the hate Pax is getting, the pupper took to Instagram once again to say he ain’t gonna let any hate get to him. You're a good boi, Pax!