Slither was the horror/comedy film that debuted in 2006. Elizabeth Banks starred in the film as Starla Grant, who sadly lost her lover to aliens. With director James Gunn on the project, the two made a quite interesting movie, and proved to be a successful duo.

Well, the two are coming back and this time it’s going to be intense!

Gunn took to Twitter and announced he is working on another horror project with Banks, stating he will tell us more about it soon. So right now, there’s no details on the title or the plot, but we're still very excited.

But we do know Banks signed up to star in the untitled film. "Elizabeth and I have been on the same artistic page since we first met when she auditioned for Slither back in 2005," Gunn said in regards to the inevitable reunion, also saying Banks has remained one of his closest friends.

"I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to work with her again," he said.

Mark and Brian Gunn have also been announced as working on the script, and production begins this summer. What do you think the film will be about?!