In 2008, horror film lovers were given The Strangers, a film that features a devilish squad of intruders terrorizing an innocent home with evil intentions. Today, ten years later, the second installment of the horror film, ​The Strangers: Prey at Night, has premiered.


Director of the project, Johannes Roberts, spoke with the American-based horror website Bloody Disgusting and shared his biggest artistic influences to date. 

Roberts claimed his filmmaking style is greatly impacted by the works of one John Carpenter.

John Carpenter is a pioneer of the horror film genre and specifically helped establish the "slasher film" subgenre. 

The 70-year =-old filmmaker brought us one of the first and most iconic slasher films of all time with 1978's Halloween.

With historic films like Halloween, it's easy to see why Roberts would cite Carpenter as an inspirational figure, but the 41-year-old surprisingly claims he drew inspiration for his latest film from Carpenter's works The Fog and Christine.

“Those two films really were my lead in terms of atmosphere and pacing and cinematic style. It’s a tricky one in terms of the movie has a very tense slow build. It’s just atmosphere," says Roberts. 

He went on to say, "It’s really building it and then when things go wrong, it’s relentless. It’s a tricky line to balance which is something you discover in the cutting room more because an audience needs to breathe. You can’t just hit them over the head relentlessly. It was a tricky one to get just right.”

Audiences can now see Carpenter's influence for themselves with The Strangers: Prey at Night, now in theaters.