While Taylor Swift has been spending her life out of the public eye, her famous squad of girls have been making their rounds throughout Hollywood, all without their leader. But are all of them okay with sharing the star with her beau?

Sources from the squad say someone in the group isn’t too keen about Taylor’s love, Joe Alwyn. One of her friends spoke anonymously to Elle, saying: "Celebrity friendships are weird. You don’t see each other for forever, and you accept that, but Taylor’s gone off-grid in a big way since meeting Joe.”

She hasn’t been going out for interviews, and even the squad dynamic has changed dramatically. "I even heard about people getting requests not to mention her in interviews," the friend detailed.


"It’s hard when that’s all you’re asked about, but Taylor is hyper-sensitive. I guess you have to be high-maintenance to become the biggest pop star in the world," they concluded.