Avengers: Infinity War is coming soon and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are seriously getting hyped. When the trailer first came out, views were racking in. But fans were not only just watching in awe, they were speculating as to what new details have occurred since the last films. 

Many eagle-eyed fans noticed something quite interesting in regards to Captain America.

Steve Rogers, or Captain America, has always used a shield as his weapon. But he seemed to have gotten an upgrade, as seen in the trailer. Instead of a shield he is wearing gauntlets, basically serving the same purpose as his shield. 

It is confirmed his new shield is in courtesy of Black Panther's T’Challa’s techy sister, Shuri. Actor Chadwick Boseman revealed the weapons actually hold deep significance. The actor told Entertainment Weekly, “They trust each other,” referring to the feud the two characters had back in Captain America: Civil War.

infinity war

Boseman detailed the meaning behind the gauntlets used by Rogers as a replacement for the shield he gave back to Iron Man in Civil War. 

“His shield was already made from Vibranium anyway. So it’s just an extension of what he already had. This time, actually giving it to him...," he said.

infinity war

The film Black Panther already revealed people like Ulysses Klaue have smuggled vibranium out of the African nation, so there’s no reason why S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t have gotten its hand on the precious metal.

Since it wasn’t given to the organization by Wakanda, it would be considered stolen property. “Me actually giving it to him is a testament to our relationship and trust,” Boseman added.

This confirms the Wakandan king has realized Rogers and the rest of the Avengers are trustworthy, and the new shields represent the “bridge” T’Challa spoke of, building with the outside world, at the end of Black Panther

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