​Two weeks ago, Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis ​announced she was on set of the film's contemporary sequel. Yesterday, she took to Instagram to reveal she is now finished shooting her scenes as her reprised role of Laurie Strode, a character she portrayed as well in the original film from 1978. 

Since the actress seemed to be on set for such a short duration, online speculations have emerged that the actress will die early in the upcoming movie. Regardless, the actress will likely not be a dominant character in the film as Michael Myers' historic M.O. is to stalk and kill teenage girls rather than middle-aged woman.


Many fans were initially curious as to why exactly the 59-year-old actress would even be featured in the film due to the fact that her character was killed off in the original series, but writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green quickly addressed this concern. 

The two writers claim this film will not follow the same storyline of the originals that begin in the 1970s, but instead will build off of the most recent installment of the Halloween series, which makes more sense in regards to the title of the film being deemed a sequel.


The film is set to hit theaters October 19th.