The ​recently aired Netflix Original ​Altered Carbon has been well received so far by the public since its release earlier this month, especially in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy community. 

Although the series has only been out for ten days, it seems one observant Reddit user might have already found an easter egg that seemingly links the new series to HBO's mega-hit Game of Thrones. 

The Redditor took to the social platform to sound the alarm for other Game of Thrones fanatics and reveal their findings.


It appears the "cyberpunk" new series is already paying homage to GoT by featuring a seven-pointed star in one of its first episodes. For those who do not follow the show, the star is a religious and ritualistic symbol used by members of the Faith, the most commonly followed religion in GoT's Westeros.


Now, some readers might be skeptical at the idea of Altered Carbon, which of course streams on Netflix, featuring an easter egg for a show that is aired on "rival" HBO, and rightfully so, but there is another theme that links these two shows together.


Michael Sapochnik is one of the directors of the new series, but before getting behind the camera for Altered Carbon he previously helped direct six episodes of Game of Thrones, including the infamous 'Battle of the Bastards.'

It's not too far fetched now, is it?