​We all know superstar Taylor Swift knows how to keep a secret. Especially when new music is involved.


Upon her release of her latest album Reputation, all of those close to Taylor were sworn to secrecy not to share anything unknown to the public. This is how she was able to leave clues for us fans and keep most of the album a surprise.

But besides friends and family, there are surely others around Taylor that could spill the beans at any time. This goes for her backup dancers as well.

In her new behind the scenes footage documenting the making of the End Game music video, Taylor and Ed detail how the shoot went down. And when speaking of the backup dancers, Taylor admitted they play a "click track" for the performers, while she has headphones in playing the actual song!

So they're dancing to a completely different song? How does the choreography match up? This seems like a seriously extra technique, with obviously so much time and thought put into it.

But, it obviously works. There's a method to Taylor's madness, as we continue to see over and over again. She knows what she's doing, clearly!