If you didn't spend the '90s watching Nickelodeon's All That, were you really living your best life? No. The answer is no.

All That

Although it's been 13 years since the show ended, we still can look back at it with the fondest of memories, and watch the occasional rerun on Nickelodeon's Late-Night.

And now, we have the chance to hang out with our favorite '90s All That babies again, on an upcoming episode of MTV's Wild 'N Out! On Sunday night (Feb. 12), one of the show's original cast members, Kel Mitchell, posted multiple photos of a certain reunion that had us dying.

Along with Kenan Thompson, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server, Mitchell shared pics from the taping of an episode that is set to air sometime during Wild 'N Out's 11th season.

"#allthatreunion on @mtvwildnout," Mitchell captioned the Instagram post.

It should be noted many of the All That alum, such as Thompson and Server, still do sketch comedy regularly, so this Wild 'N Out episode will surely not disappoint. Although they're older and so is their audiences, we know they'll bring back that spark we saw in the '90s.

We're nostalgic already!