While Red Sparrow hasn’t hit theaters yet, many are already comparing its femme fatale lead, played by Jennifer Lawrence, to Black Widow. But even though the director is denying the similarities, he isn't aren’t shying away from sharing his experience with superheroes.


Francis Lawrence is directing the spy thriller Red Sparrow and is bringing his superhero experience with his directorial debut in Constantine to figure out how to bring the CIA spy novel to the big screen. It will also be Lawrence’s fifth collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence.


But when asked about the superhero movies he was offered, Lawrence said: "I’ve never had a Marvel meeting – I’ve never had a Marvel meeting with Marvel people. I have been offered Marvel material at other studios and haven’t been interested, and I’ve had a DC meeting."

Regardless of likes or dislikes, Lawrence promises a spy film like no other. “This is a thriller, it’s not action, again it’s not gadgety. It’s a hard-R. There’s violence, it’s a bit perverse, it’s suspenseful, a lot of intrigue. It's a very different kind of spy film.”

Catch Red Sparrow in theaters March 2, 2018.