​​The cult classic film The Room is directed by Tommy Wiseau, who also stars in it. Now the legend wants to take the next step in his acting career, because it seems he’s interested in playing the Joker.

Variety made a tweet announcing Joaquin Phoenix's ​candidacy for the role of in director Todd Phillips' standalone Joker origin movie.

in response to the tweet, Wiseau tweeted Phillips to “DM” him. He then made a post on Instagram and tagged Phillips, as he is must have realized Phillips is not active on Twitter. 

Fans of course have loved Wiseau's posts, and have since shared tweets depicting him as the villain. 

In regards to the actual film, Todd Phillips is the top choice as director as of 2017, according to Variety. Sources say Phoenix has agreed to the role but has not yet entered negotiations with studio Warner Bros., who were eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio for the role in September.

Who knows, maybe Wiseau will get the role! Just imagine.