With the news that Ron Howard took over the Star Wars spinoff, fans have gotten curious as to what direction the film will take. The ​previous directors who took on the project have obviously left their mark on the film; Howard just took over after their departure. The question arises as to who was responsible for what.

While it has many people curious, Howard is not very likely to reveal that sort of information. ​He shared with Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t really want to explain it. I don’t really want to be specific about that because, again, I don’t even want that to matter to fans."

“I could understand why you’d ask, and some might even be curious, but look, everybody who has been involved in this has done nothing but love what this movie could be, and that’s been the vibe around it. I think audiences are gonna feel that love and excitement," he continued.

The director further stated his relationship with the duo directors. “I know Chris and Phil. They’re incredibly talented guys, and all anyone at Imagine Entertainment wants to do is find a way to work with Chris and Phil, and that’s every bit as much the case today as ever,” he said.

“But when I learned that this change was happening, it just came in a moment where I was working on lots of new projects for Imagine, and I had not planned to direct anything last year. So then this came my way, and I was talking to [Lucasfilm president] Kathy [Kennedy], and the now tragically late [producer] Alli Shearmur, an old friend. I was reluctant, but I also began to feel that I could help," Howard concluded.


Seems like Howard isn’t really competing with the two to make the movie “better”, but rather providing his input into what was left. Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25, 2018.