J.K. Rowling created the ‘Harry Potter’ series almost 20 years ago, and to this day it is still one of the most popular and memorable franchises in the world. Ever so slowly, fans of the series have created theories of their own in order to better understand the concepts of the wizarding world.

There are many theories regarding the series, but which one is the author’s favorite?

She previously tweeted her favorite theory is "Dumbledore as Death." Doesn’t make sense? 

harry potter

Well, in the series there is the story of the three brothers. The older brother, the middle brother, and the younger brother who all escaped death. Death awarded them with items they wished for, knowing that death would end up killing them anyway.

So the theory Rowling is talking about comes from a Tumblr post by ​harryjxmespotter. The user compares Dumbledore to death in "The Tale of the Three Brothers."


The present representation of the three brothers are Voldemort, Snape, and Harry Potter. Voldemort is the elder brother who is obsessed with power. Snape is the middle brother who can’t let go of his past love. Harry is the youngest brother, which makes sense because he has the invisibility cloak. That leaves the role of Death, who the user mentions in his theory is Dumbledore himself. 

"He greeted Harry at King's Cross and was the one behind Snape and Voldemort's death," harryjxmespotter wrote.

Although Rowling says it's her favorite fan theory, not claiming it's true whatsoever, it's still beautiful she's acknowledging it. "It's a beautiful theory and it fits," she writes. We agree!