A huge topic of conversation recently is Kim Kardashian’s newest ​topless photo. Okay, well not necessarily Kim being topless, but the fact that her daughter North took the sexy pic. It sure got people heated, with many criticizing her parent skills.

It is quite unusual for a mother to make their child take a photo of them topless, you must admit.

Hosts on ‘The View’ got in on the conversation and discussed their thoughts on the photo. They all agreed Kim is indeed beautiful, but making her daughter take a scandalous photo is definitely not something they approve of.

​Sunny Hostin noted in the discussion she might not get the hype because her household is conservative, but she disapproves of how much society is moving away from modesty. "I think that our society, maybe because of this click-tivism and because of social media, we're moving away from a sense of modesty and I don't like it," she said.

"I don't mean to sound like a prude, but why is your four-year-old taking a picture of you naked?" she asked.

kim and north

Nancy Grace added, "You know what, if this was somebody else and not a famous super star rolling in money, if it had been a regular mom, social services would be knocking on the door right now."

That is something interesting to think about. Kim has certainly broke the internet once again with her Instagram photo, but is it appropriate?