Peter Dinklage showed his rapping skills in the Doritos Super Bowl commercial as he went against Morgan Freeman with his Mountain Dew. Obviously they were lip syncing, but it was still epic.

Peter Dinklage really killed it when he lip synced to Busta Rhymes' iconic rap in the song “Look at Me Now”. The speed in the verses is why it's probably one of the most difficult raps to perform ever. But it was no struggle for the ‘GoT’ actor to pretend.


Dinklage impressed Busta Rhymes, getting him to praise him for his abilities. 

​According to the legendary rapper, he didn’t assist Dinklage in any way, but rather just gave him some support. "I actually didn't teach him, I just gave him some guidance. He already knew what he was doing. As a matter of fact Peter Dinklage used to have his own rap group."

"He got bars of his own, let's not get it f**ked up," he stated.


A little known fact about Dinklage is that he used to be in a rap/punk/funk fusion band called Whizzy in the 90’s. His band did get to perform at venues, but obviously the band did not make it that far. 

Busta Rhymes was asked if the actor would get a feature in his new upcoming album. He simply responded with, “stay tuned,” neither confirming or denying.