Taking you behind the scene of End Game are none other than the stars themselves, Ed Sheeran and the illustrious Taylor Swift. 

Providing a sneak peek of the music video as well as the artists behind it, this behind the scenes YouTube video shows the efforts of the celebrities along with their personalities. If you wanted to see the chemistry between Swift and Sheeran in action, here you are.

Communicating about Words with Friends and reminiscing about how the song was created, Sheeran seems to complete work in his sleep, literally. Upon listening to Swift's side of the track, Sheeran woke up having dreamt what he would include for his feature. "I woke up and then like typed it all out," Sheeran remembered. "Then [I] recorded it like a day later and sent it to you and I remember you liked it."

Swift teases Sheeran far more than you'd expect, or perhaps exactly as you'd expect. Swift seems to have a preppy high school girl mannerism to her. I wonder who her fans are mostly comprised of? Anyway, the video is fantastic, especially if you want to know what goes into filming a music video. Check it out above! (in case you forgot that it's above)