Kim Kardashian is back it again with the sexy photos. The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star is known for her very revealing photos, whether it be taken by herself or by professional photographers.

In a recent Instagram post, Kim shared a photo of her back with her bra unhooked. Seen in the photo is Kim holding onto her breasts and her daughter North in the back taking the photo. Clearly it’s North taking the photo because the caption reads, “by North”. 

People have been bashing on the star for making her daughter take the picture, such as British journalist Piers Morgan. Some diehard have been supportive of her photo in the comments section, though.

Piers calls the photo "pathetic and creepy."

YouTuber James Charles calls out Kim for bad parenting.

The Kardashian revealed she shows a lot more skin ever since she gave birth to North in an interview with Ell​e Magazine in 2015, explaining, "I mean at the beginning, when you're losing your pregnancy weight you don't really know how to dress, so that just doesn't count." 

"You just dress as simple as possible. But I think since I've gotten in shape, and I feel good about myself, I dress I think sexier now than I did before. It won't just make the difference in your confidence, but also your sanity," she continued.

kim and north

"I mean there are times where sometimes I couldn't even wash my hair if I didn't have help. I couldn't even figure it out." 

"I think once you just set boundaries and how you're going to parent -- everyone parents differently so I hate to be that person to tell them how anyone should parent, I think whatever works for you works," she concluded.

It is true that everyone does parenting differently. As long as her children aren’t being harmed, then that’s all that matters!