Going to college is not only expensive, but it’s tiring. It requires walking to classes, studying, and constantly worrying about what your next meal is going to be. Sometimes watching your favorite shows and looking at memes helps distract yourself from reality. 

Jim Halpert from ‘The Office’ is probably one of those memes many people look at. His face often reflects how a lot of college students feel inside. Here are 12 Jim Halpert gifs that describe every feeling you’ve had in college.

1. When you don't know the answer to any question on the exam except your name. 


2. When your professor for your really long night class actually makes you stay the whole class time.


3. When you didn't do your homework but your professor says he's collecting it.


4. Trying to stay awake during lecture.


5. When the work just keeps piling up.


6. When your professor attacks you with notes.


7. Understanding everything in class but not understanding anything when doing the homework.


8. On your way to class trying to retain the information you studied but realizing you forgot something back in your dorm.


9. You and your friend being proud of getting home safe without making regrettable decisions during your night out.


 10. When you just give up on everything.

giving up

11. When you actually pass an exam you barely had time to study for.


12. Checking your GPA at the end of the semester and realizing how badly you did.


We feel you, Jim Halpert.