9 'Game of Thrones' Characters Inspired by Shakespeare

‘Game of Thrones’ has themes familiar to all of us. There’s obviously additions of fantasy, war, monarchy, and aspects of love. What does it sound like? George R.R Martin, who wrote the ‘GoT’ novels, has said he was inspired by Shakespeare. Still don’t believe it? Here are twelve characters inspired by the legendary author.

1. Falstaff and Robert Baratheon

Falstaff is a character in Shakespeare's plays, ‘Henry IV’ Parts 1 and 2 as well as ‘Henry V’. He is a drunk with power and loves chasing women. Robert Baratheon is similar to Falstaff, especially when it comes to women. He produces a lot of bastards, meaning he has a lot of children from different women, and he loves to show off his power.

2. Banquo and Eddard Stark

Banquo is from the play ‘Macbeth,' and was the character who fought alongside Macbeth, until he got paranoid. Banquo was told by witches that his sons would become royalty. Paranoid by this prophecy, Macbeth grows to distrust him and has him killed. Banquo then haunts Macbeth.  

Eddard is a childhood friend of Robert Baratheon who ended up being his Hand. Robert then dies and Joffrey eventually becomes King. Littlefinger betrays Eddard and Joffrey has him beheaded by his own sword, later appearing in the Crypts of Winterfell before Bran and Rickon after his death.

3. Iago and Littlefinger

Iago is Othello’s trusted advisor. However, he schemes and plots Othello’s ruins through a series of manipulation without killing anyone. Directly that is. Iago’s reason for wanting to ruin Othello’s life is due to not being promoted up the ranks and given his rightful place in the world. 

Littlefinger (real name Peter Baelish) is a very manipulative character who was very emotionally scarred at the hands of Brandon Stark over Catelyn Tully when they were young. He manipulates every House and/or person he needs in the process. He is known as a dangerous person, until he is finally killed.

4. Portia and Margaery Tyrell

Portia is a beautiful, wealthy woman, who knows her way through society and uses social standards to her advantage. She ends up being at the mercy of her father’s ambitions and law of the land. However, she ends up finding something for herself along the way. 

Margaery is put with different men but then ends up with Joffrey. She uses her royal advantage for the good of House Tyrell. It goes well for her, until the High Sparrow comes in.

5. Macbeth and Cersei Lannister

Macbeth was a Scottish general who was given a prophecy by three witches. They told him he would be declared the future king of Scotland. He did end up becoming king by killing King Duncan, but he was then drowning in his own paranoia and isolation. 

Cersei also received a similar fortune by a witch named Maggy the Frog. She foretold Cersei’s future, saying she would outlive her children and become Queen through bitter circumstances. Cersei has tried to escape the prophecy before, but she has come to accept her fate and rules the Seven Kingdoms.

6. Richard III and Tyrion Lannister

Richard III was falsely accused of murdering the Princess in The Tower to get the throne. His character is a strategist and very underestimated. Sounds like Tyrion, because in the show he is highly underestimated by those around him, despite being born into a powerful family. Tyrion was accused of killing Joffrey out of revenge and lust for power.

7. Hamlet and Oberyn Martell

Hamlet is tortured by revenge and justice. He soliloquies to the point where no one can reach him before dropping Yorick's skull and going for the sword. Oberyn is haunted by the death of his sister and children. His emotions toward the royal people in King’s Landing builds up his want for revenge. He ends up in Tyrion’s trial and fights the one who killed his sister and her children, The Mountain. Unfortunately, he meets a gory, tragic death.

8. Romeo & Juliet and Jon & Ygritte

 Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. Two kids who are forbidden to love each other  due to their families, but falling in love anyway and ending in a tragic death. Jon Snow and Ygritte, the Wildling, fall in love despite where they come from. Wildlings are feared from where Jon comes from, hence there being a wall between the two societies. Jon ends up with the Wildlings and that’s where Jon and Ygritte fall in love. Ygritte gets shot by an arrow when attacking Castle Black. Heartbreaking.

9. Julius Caesar and Jon Snow

Julius is given a seasonal warning and ascends to power. But he ends up being betrayed by those closest to him. He is stabbed multiple times. Sounds familiar, right? 

Jon Snow is constantly warned “winter is coming,” and then his rise to power makes him get into more trouble. He makes allies with the Wildlings, which many do not approve of. Jon ends up being betrayed by many of his fellow brothers in the Night’s Watch and is stabbed multiple times. Unlike Caesar, Jon is thankfully resurrected back to life.