10 Most Memorable 'The Office' Episodes of All Time

If you're not obsessed with The Office, there's something wrong with you. It's hands down one of the best shows ever created, great enough that we all still binge it on Netflix all the time. While we can all agree it's a great show, do we all agree on which are the best episodes?

Here are 10 of the best episodes of The Office.

10. "Scott's Tots"

THIS IS DEFINITELY THE MOST CRINGEWORTHY EPISODE EVER. Michael, why would you promise to pay for students' tuitions? Really just a terrible idea.

9. "Diwali"

Kelly thinks it's a great idea to invite the whole office to her Diwali family party, which Michael assumes is a costume party. Poor, poor Carol.

8. "Goodbye, Michael"

ALL THE FEELS! This episode is so good, many argue it should've been the series finale. We don't agree, however, because we still love the show post-Michael, but this is a really big one.

7. "Fun Run"

"Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me." Yes, that's a real line Michael Scott has said. When he hit Meredith with his car. And then thought a 5k run would make up for it.

6. "The Injury"

Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill... Need we say more?

5. "Gay Witch Hunt"

Ahhh, Michael is so ignorant it makes us cringe so much! Nevertheless, we can't help but laugh out loud again and again during this episode, and feel so bad for poor Oscar.

4. "The Dundies"

This is one of the first times we really wished we worked at this office. Between Michael's terrible jokes and Pam's drunkenness, this episode is a party.

3. "Casino Night"

It's the first time Jim and Pam really kiss! Although things don't exactly go right afterwards, Jim finally tells Pam how he feels, which is a great moment.

2. "Niagara" Pts 1 & 2

Of course Jim and Pam's wedding has to be high up here. They're the definition of relationship goals, and their Niagara Falls nuptials are beautiful.

1. "Dinner Party"

Michael and Jan are the ultimate couple in The Office, just because they're so damn terrible for each other and it makes us love our lives. This episode is pure comedy. No arguing about it.