Wonder Woman, written and directed by Patty Jenkins, starred Gal Gadot as the ferocious and yet feminine superhero, making DCEU's best film yet. 

The ferocity of a true hero can be portrayed in many ways, but how about charades? Dumb question, right? Gadot and Jenkins played charades on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” I know, it's weird.

Fallon, always trying to take an interesting twist on the television show host trope, had teamed up with Gadot to take down Jenkins and Tarik Trotter. Beginning with "Hips Don't Lie," the music and film-based topics were entertaining to watch from start to finish (well, duh, if it wasn't entertaining it wouldn't be on the air). The tiebreaker had Gadot and Jenkins team up to give a single, fist to guess final point.

Gadot had played this with Miley Cyrus back in October of 2017. From award speeches to playing games on national television, things are looking good for the two faces of Wonder Woman.