​Camila Cabello, whose self-titled debut album just came out today (!!!), proves yet again she is just like us. She fangirls.

While talking to ​103.5 KTU, Camila told listeners about the time she met Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Taylor Swift's Jingle Ball dressing room. And yes, she freaked out.

Camila began, "Omg I was so awkward around Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively."

"I was really stupid. I-I was just became I was just like makes funny noiseI was like, I was so I just got really nervous cause I wasn’t expecting for them to be there."

Ryan Reynolds

Yeah, nervous would be an understatement for us! Imagine just casually seeing Blake and Ryan. There is nothing casual about that!

She continued, "Yea, and obviously Blake Lively is a queen. And I love them together uhm, but they were supercool. Yea well, Ed (Sheeran) and Taylor (Swift) I’ve known for awhile, so I'm like, you know, they’re my friends, but uhm yea I just wasn't expecting for them to be there and I just got kind of weird, I was like 'why are you so weird, stop being weird.'"


Yep, they are the perfect couple. We totally get Camila's reaction!