Wonder Woman, just in case you wanted me to shut up about it any point in the future, is one of the best DC movies ever, able to put the entire DCEU in good standings without relying on the dark themes of the, well, Dark Knight franchise. 

However, this is only the beginning of Wonder Woman's achievements. Among many other awards, Wonder Woman has won Best Action Movie at the Critics Choice awards.

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, there to accept the well-deserved award for their production, took the stage. Jenkins tried her best to thank everyone before being played off by the band. Sincere but straight to business, she made an effort to thank all members of her hard-working creative team.

This wasn't the only reward Wonder Woman got that night, with star Gal Gadot taking home the #SeeHer award for positive female representation in media. The "For Your Consideration" Oscar campaign being launched by Warner Bros. hints that, even now, the awards for Wonder Woman are not finished just yet. 

wonder woman

Wonder Woman 2 comes out on November 1st, 2019, with Aquaman's December 21 attempting to satiate fans until then. The DCEU is changing, and thanks to Wonder Woman, so is the world.