Alright Dalies (fans of Riverdale, FYI), get ready for a cool theory that's somehow more valid because it's from an actor rather than some random goon on the internet! 

Well, actually, this one involves her sitting down to talk with a random internet goon. It's like a halfway thing. Madelaine Petsch sat down with YouTuber Shane Dawson and debunked a fan theory about Cheryl's relationship to her deceased twin, Jason.

Talking about her boost in popularity at first and her classes on how not to flash people (you really can't make this crap up, can you?), they got to the nitty-gritty of the theory.

“The word ‘twincest’ has been thrown around a lot,” she said. “The way that I rationalized it was that it’s very clear that she grew up in a very, very dark family. The only light that she had was Jason, the only love that she ever felt was Jason."

"Her parents never really showed her love; they didn’t really care about her; she turned to Jason for everything. The loss of him hurt her so badly, he was her person... There was no sexual connection. It was not romantic; it was that she never felt love from any other person on the planet, so the way she justified that was by making it her person," she continued.


A dark, deep show, the teen drama has garnered attention for good reason with dark character developments like this. A surprise celebrity appearance, Madelaine offered something unique to Dawson's show, it's surprising she's not in the thumbnail. T

here is no twincest in Riverdale, just kids going through tough times. Really, really, really tough times.