What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to your favorite show? The characters, maybe an aspect of the plot that you liked come to mind. But usually the most important thing is the title.


The title is just what the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy spinoff doesn’t have yet. But not to worry, it won’t air without one. That comes at the guarantee of long time Grey’s writer and spinoff proponent Stacy McKee. What we do know is what the show’s centered around.


It’s going to be set in Seattle, and be centered around firefighters there. In an interview with the LA Times about the show, McKee said: “You watch any episode of “Grey's,” you're in the breezeway, and they drop off a patient. The paramedics take them off the back or jump back in the rigs and drive away. This time we just get to drive away with them. I'm kind of a geek that way. I love the idea that this world has existed this whole time a few blocks away.”


McKee is also open to the idea of crossovers, and with patients constantly coming into the hospital, it’s only natural that the two shows could organically interact. This would be the second spinoff in the show’s universe, with the first being Private Practice, which lasted for six seasons before ending in 2013.