Fans are shocked, wondering if Rey will get the D. Let's completely ignore how Rey has been a parallel to Luke since the first second she was on screen and Luke is neither Han nor Leia.

Considering we just threw our common sense into the trash compactor, it should come as a surprise Daisy Ridley herself believes Rey will not have a romantic interest by the end of the next episode.


"I haven't spoken to [Episode IX director] J.J. [Abrams] but I did a film this year that was not romantic. I think it's wonderful to have relationships that are not romantic," Ridley ​shared during a recent press event. "I don't think, in films, you always need a romantic relationship and I think friend relationships can be romantic in their gestures, in their intimacy, in all of that. So I think, hopefully, if Rey and Poe get to have some scenes together and stuff, that there will be intimacy, but it doesn't, for me, have to be romantic love."


I'm entirely for that. All too often are other, more interesting qualities of a story thrown completely aside for the sole purpose of a love triangle that more likely than not sucks ass, just look at Finn and Rose. Held together by Rose accidentally forcing heroic ideals down Finn's throat because she idolizes him as a hero, I'd appreciate if Rey wasn't also subjected to this "fun."

Hopefully, Poe and Rey don't go down the same rabbit hole, and I hope even more so that there will be an actual lightsaber fight between main characters in episode 9. Regardless, it's clear to fans that Finn and Rose are a done deal, so who knows where Abrams will take the direction of the film? The possibilities are as limitless as the stars in the sky. I just wanted to close on a spacey note, but I feel like that came out a bit forced.  Well, now I'm closing on this note.