Child actors have a lot in common, especially that whole child acting part. Naturally, some of them would be able to get along as friends, and here we are, reviewing how child stars interact with one another. 

Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown and longtime star Ariana Grande had a series of texts that made all of Instagram friend-gasm over friendship harder than a Care Bear in mating season.


The Golden Globes is a testament to great acting, but due to the Time's Up initiative, 2018's Golden Globes were also a testament to women supporting women in the industry, multiple stars wearing all black in solidarity for women

This effort to support women expanded to Instagram after the fated texts Grande sent to Brown.

This text string was in reaction to Brown's red carpet look, which was anything but red, as previously established. For somebody who debuted as a character with little to no hair, Brown was startling in comparison, and I'm a cis white guy saying that. 

After filming the below above, you can see just from Brown that the wholesome air to the Golden Globes changes for the better, fan reception better than most other years.