In what was a roller coaster of a year, the highlights just get stranger and stranger. Among these were the television shows of the year, and some surprising revelations from the internet in response to it.


What could a show on Adult Swim and one of the internet’s most popular websites have in common? The answer is easier than you might think: it’s the fans. Well, the fans and their desire to get as much content of and about a show as possible.

Rick and Morty wasn’t only topping the charts with regards to viewers of the show, it was also coming in second in the top Pornhub searches of 2017. The site’s Insights review of the year had this to say: 

“Rick and Morty porn parodies also blasted off this year, and the passing fascination with Fidget Spinners caused a big spike in porn searches (and some very creative amateur videos).”


While the show is on hiatus until ​2019, there’s sure to be content to keep fans coming back for more.