The aesthetically pleasing and mind-blowing film that was Doctor Strange had some immensely memorable moments rivaled only by the more recent sci-fi movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Lackluster in the combat department, Doctor House with superpowers proved to be a great character with astounding development. Lucky for us, two-thirds of the idea force has left Strange to give us something entirely new. Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange, and writer C. Robert Cargill have joined together to create this next flick.


Derrickson and Cargill originally teamed up with Jon Spaihts in order to create the time-based doctor without a "who" in his name. Originally reaching fame with their project Sinister, the two have now decided to focus on making another legacy-producing hit.

With the experience they gained from the Marvel production, this next project should be an even more mind-bending feature. Fans are pushing that this next project is Doctor Strange 2, but having faith that this next project will be good regardless of brand and gifting the duo creative freedom is ever more important.