It looks like ​Walt Disney's latest production of Aladdin could use a little more magic in their lamp. 

The film has been receiving serious backlash after ​The Sunday Times published an article claiming the film is guilty of "​browning up" dozens of white extras. 

Kaushal Odedra, who was on set as a stand-in for a leading actor, noticed a long line of white actors waiting to have their skin tanned. When he asked someone about it, their response was, "It's unfortunate, but that's how this industry works and it's not going to change."


The production of the film takes place outside of London, with over a million Asians living in the vicinity. One would think it would be no problem to find extras with the proper ethnic background. But then again, maybe not.


The company came out stating they resorted to darkening peoples skin when they couldn't find Asians qualified for the roles. Ouch. It's 2018, and Disney is one of the worlds largest studios in the world. It's honestly disturbing to create a film taking place in a Middle Eastern city and only allow a Caucasian cast.


The movie is supposed to be in theaters May of 2019, but with this public relations nightmare, who knows if the film will even get finished!