"Batman meets Donald Trump" would certainly be social commentary if I've ever heard one, begging the question of what makes a rich, white male good. 

In our universe, the bat might not exist, yet this occurrence was fairly close to another real-life event. During the Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale ​remembers meeting with Donald Trump in person while filming the last entry of the series.


"There's quite a funny photograph that's online. It was whilst we were filming, I believe it was The Dark Knight Rises, we used Trump Tower and we changed the lettering on the outside, it said 'Wayne Tower,'" Bale said during an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast. 

"Mr. Trump arrived and, I'll never forget the way he said it. He said to me, 'You probably want a photograph with me so let's get that done.' And I turned and there was a photographer ready and I was decked out in full Bruce Wayne, you know, slicked-back hair, red tie, a little bit of a Don [Trump] Jr. look, and we took the picture. And someone showed me it recently and it said, 'American Psycho with Christian Bale.'"

A very abrupt and rude encounter, I'm sure, but an alright picture in general. The future president had shared this photo back in 2013, when he might have been saner with his Twitter updates rather than revealing everything that the President should keep to himself.


Bale even went on to claim his American Psycho character most likely would have modeled his life after Trump, given his prominence as a businessman in the '80s.

"Well, Trump's his hero," Bale admitted. "I don't know if I made that up or if it's in the book, I think it's probably in the book. But I could very much see him reading [Trump's] The Art of the Deal."

A regular Donald Trump Jr. Haha, get it?! I'm referencing the above tweet!! Hah... Okay. Well, I tried. Sorry!