5 Weirdest Batman Stories

Batman is the world's greatest hero!

He has solved countless crimes and saved the world more times than you can count! He also has had some really weird moments in his career. If you thought Superman had some really weird stories, wait until you hear about these Batman tales.

Here are five of the weirdest Batman stories!

5. Batman wets his pants

Batman is one hero who has no fear, but he did have a rather embarassing accident once.

When Batman was first starting out, he had a lot of learning to do. One such learning experience involved him setting off an explosive with a little more kick than he intended. This resulted in Batman wetting himself.

When he admits this years later, he calls it a "bladder spasm". Sure it was Batman, sure it was. To be fair, he still owes up to it.

Props to you Batman, at least you have the courage to admit it happened.

4. A Batman foe tries to turn a lesbian straight

Batman's foes have done terrible things, but what Two Face did takes the cake!

At one point, Two Face outs the Latina lesbian cop, Renee Montoya. This comic came out at a time when LGBT was not as openly accepted, so this sends poor Montoya's life into a spiral. Two Face did this by leaking a photo of Montoya kissing her girlfriend, and it gets worse.

After this happens Two Face tries to get Montoya to fall in love with him, claiming he will "make her whole". Montoya naturally turns him down, like any sane person would.

Joker may get the rep of doing the worst things out of all of Batman's foes, but what Two Face did here really is pretty terrible.

3. Batman knocks up Batgirl while she is dating Robin

Would you ever cheat on your friend with their girlfriend? Batman would.

Batman had an affair with Batgirl, resulting in her getting pregnant. She doesn't discover this until after she gets back together with Dick Grayson, the first Robin! When she tells Batman, he tries to pretend that the child is Robin's. Nice move, Bats.

When Grayson finds out, he is pretty upset (like anyone would be). Batman gives him some sass about it, and then Grayson beats him up. While this is happening, poor Batgirl has a miscarriage in an alley.

With friends like Batman, who needs someone like the Joker as an enemy?

2. Batman hooks up with Black Canary after killing lots of people

Did you know Batman likes to have sex in his costume? Oh yeah, that is confirmed.

One time Batman helped out fellow hero, Black Canary, when she was getting overrun by thugs at the docks. Batman helps by setting those thugs on fire, and beats them while they burn. How heroic!

This all makes Black Canary get into the mood, and grab Batman. The Dark Knight doesn't turn her down, and they have some romantic time as people burn around them. All of this while in costume, and in the rain.

Remember this story next time you see the Lego Batman Movie!

1. Batman has a really weird night with Superman

What do Batman and his best friend, Superman, do together? Talk about feelings, and cry!

Batman and Superman decide to get together to discuss their feelings and vent. Nothing weird for friends to do, except the two hold hands while venting to each other. On top of that, alien worms land near them, and begin to have sex.

After the worms finish, they kill themselves, something the heroes beg them not to do. The two then, with tears in their eyes no less, admit how beautiful the whole thing was. Considering what they have seen as heroes, this was probably not even that weird to them.

So what do you and your best friend do together?