​We all go through it: The weird texting etiquette that definitely does exist, but not everyone follows the same rules. An example of this is when you're texting a guy and they're either taking forever to answer, or don't answer at all.


Can we really get mad at him for not texting back? Maybe not, but we can get paranoid AF.

Here are 10 logical reasons why he might not be texting back.

1. He's Sleeping.

No matter what time of day or night, there's always a serious possibility he's sleeping. Even if you know his sleeping habits like the back of your hand (and you probably do), who really knows when he needs some extra shut eye?

2. He's Trying Not to Be Eager.

Like you, he might be worried about the way you guys are texting. Taking it to a whole other extreme, perhaps this guy doesn't want to seem too into it. You know how you purposefully take a while to answer a boy, even when you know exactly what you want to say back? Yeah, he could be playing the same game. 

3. He Found Out Tragic News.

Obviously, we don't want this to be the case, but it's entirely possible. There could've been an accident of sorts that is keeping him from his phone. In this case, he should take all the time he needs!


4. He's at the Gym.

Yeah, we know if he's taking hours to answer, he probably isn't at the gym for that long. However, you've got to factor In time getting ready before the gym, and showering and chillin' after a tough workout. 

5. He's at the Movies.

Without you?!?! Yeah, the possibility is scary, but it makes sense. He could be at the movies, ya know, with his mom, and turned his phone off to avoid any distractions. You know when you get really into a movie, the last thing you want to do is send texts.

6. He's at Work.

This is one of the most common possibilities, because who knows how much he can text at work? He either isn't allowed to be on his phone, or he's so busy he can't bother to check. And if you know he's not working? Hmmm.. Next reason.


7. He's Cooking.

And you know how boys aren't always the best cooks. He might be taking his sweet old time making some food for himself and can't multitask. Even better? Maybe he's making dinner for his mom! So cute. 

8. He's Out With the Boys.

Okay- ew, we don't like this one either. But you know how it is. You're old with old friends and you get caught up. It happens! Plus, if a boy starts roasting another boy for being on his phone too much, or for texting a girl, it's over! Don't expect a text until the next morning.

9. His Phone Died.

Annoying excuse, but totally human for that to happen. If it happens to you, it happens to him! Suggest he buys a portable charger, or be totally psycho and buy one for him! Just kidding. Kind of. 


10. He's Back Together With His Ex.

OKAY! This one is the least likely, but obviously if he got back with his ex, he wouldn't be paying you no mind. Let's just hope he has the decency to tell you before you see it all over Instagram.