​Seth MacFarlane has been very open and vocal about his love for Star Trek. His love for the long running sci-fi franchise has led him to create,and star in his newest show, The Orville. While The Orville has gotten mixed reactions, it is certainly a loving tribute to Star Trek. It was an absolute dream project for MacFarlane to do. Who wouldn't love to make something in honor of their favorite show? 

Well it may surprise fans to know it wasn't MacFarlane's first take on Star Trek!


Back when he was a young teenager with dreams of Hollywood in his head, Seth MacFarlane got together with some friends and created their own Star Trek fan film! I'm sure many of us have made fun home movies based on our favorite shows, but it is really interesting to see someone who became such a huge icon in the business in his earliest days! 


Don't be too hard on him, he was working with no budget, or experience after all. It's an enjoyable little fan film. 

Be sure to check it out for yourself, it is worth a watch!