10 Best Christmas Gifts For All Your Potterhead Friends

The holiday season is officially upon us! Are you searching for last minute gifts for your friends, family, or coworkers? If any of them are Harry Potter fans, you're in luck. This list is absolutely perfect for them.

Check out 10 awesome gifts for any Potterhead to enjoy!

10. Harry Potter Starbucks Cups

This is a super cool take on the classic Starbucks cup, to show everyone how much you love Harry Potter! Convenient and durable, this will be a perfect coffee cup for anyone. Buy it here.

9. Character Figurines

Be the ultimate Harry Potter stan and collect all your favorite characters as figurines! Harry, Hermione, and Ron will look great on anyone's dresser. Buy it here.

8. Marauder's Map Bag

This stylish bag is both cute and obviously reps one of the coolest parts of Harry Potter. Anyone would look cool and clever with this on their shoulder! Buy it here.

7. Harry Potter Coloring Book

This is the perfect choice for any Harry Potter lover who needs to let out some steam and color their day away. Coloring is absolutely so relaxing, and fun, and who wouldn't want to color HP illustrations? Buy it here.

6. "Free Dobby" Sign

This is the sweetest gift for any Dobby lover out there! If anyone still needs more justice for Dobby, this sign surely will prove it. Get it here.

5. Quill Liquid Eyeliner

This product is a no brainer for beauty lovers who are also Potterheads. The quality is legit, and it looks totally awesome on. Get it here.

4. Butterbeer Candles

Everyone loves candles, and who wouldn't want their room to smell like Butterbeer? The sweet, alluring scent will have anyone not wanting to get out of bed! Get it here.

3. Golden Snitch Headband

This accessory is seriously fierce and stylish. It can go with any outfit, and just shows the world how much of a Potterhead you are. It would be a great gift for anyone who loves fashion and all things Potter. Get it here.

2. Platform 9 3/4 Light Switch Cover

This light switch cover is EPIC! No one could deny snatching up this awesome room accessory. Buy it here.

1. Harry Potter Cookbook

This gift is perfect for anyone who likes to eat. So, uh, everyone in the world! Who wouldn't love to cook up some classic meals from the Harry Potter series? This extensive book will take you back to Hogwarts! Buy it here.